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"I will treat everyone in my studio with caring touch and concern of their daily treatment needs!"

Carol Mullen

Licensed Massage Therapist 


(901) 837-1803 | (901) 459-2505



1486 Munford Ave, Munford, Tennessee 38058

About Your Therapist

“ My name is Carol Mullen and I offer Massage Therapy in a small private studio tailored to help with pain management and a sense of well-being ”


My approach is to offer you high-quality products with a specialty grade service and use a clinical approach that is decompressing from joint pain, headaches, arthritis, stress, back pain, and neck pain. To simply be the most comfortable and soothing experience while allowing you to recover in a natural therapeutic setting. During your massage, it may consist of combinations of Swedish, Deep Massage, Synergetic Myofascial Therapy, Hot Stones, Synergy Stones, Himalayan Stones, Mini Salt Scrubs, Hot Towels, and Aromatherapy.


I decided to become a Licensed Massage Therapist when I was a full-time stay-at-home mom of three. -"No matter what their age is, I will always feel the need to care and nurture them." I understand the importance of loving and nurturing your children and family and sometimes that puts you on the bottom list. Self-care is a necessity that can help you keep going and recover for the week to be at your best to stay charged to live a long and happy life. I had my children in active sports over the years. The most amazing time was when we joined cub-scouting, soccer, girl scouts, and martial arts together as a family. I trained with them over the years and learned about their how bodies worked during and after these activities. I would say that the most effective sport was martial arts, you would have to be in shape to do this sport if not, it would get you in shape. I earned my 2nd-degree rank back in 2011.



Personal Mission

I trained in a 700-hour program that included labs, exams, and clients. I studied and practiced: Sports massage, Swedish massage, Geriatrics massage, Pregnancy massage, Aromatherapy, Hydrotherapy, Deep tissue massage, Trigger point, Chair massage, Spa treatments, and Soap charting notes just to name a few. I believe we were taught how to always keep your client in mind and help them to be the most comfortable that they can be while they are receiving treatment. I feel that I learned what it takes to help my clients balance some of their energy, and to help with relaxation and relieve pain and discomfort from tight areas in the body.


I continued my training with a strong focus in TMJ which lead me to obtain my certification in TMJ and becoming a certified TMJ therapist. In my studies, I found the most astounding approach and I am very passionate about this work and the changes I have witnessed and experienced myself when normal western medicine left me with no results. Synergetic Myofascial Therapy Level 1, 2, and Body Assessments for Athletes. I am working towards completing my certification in this approach. A few others I have trained in include Orthopedic tests, Sports, Stretching, Thai massage, Compression syndromes, Impingements, Hot stones, Deep Tissue hot stones, Himalayan hot salt stones, Spa treatments, Tools of the trade, etc …

After searching for a new career that would allow me to further my education and allow me to help others with aches, pains, and stress I decided to learn a trade to become a Licensed Massage Therapist. My hobbies include riding bikes for fun and exercise with a mix of hiking in the woods with my dogs and finishing off my day with cuddling up with my cat and a cup of hot tea. I am a big lover of nature, animals, and family, I am a family-driven mom that advocates for all animals and human rights. I had a few injuries over the years but learned from them and learned the importance of healing and massage therapy as a martial artist. I thought with the experience of my husband, sons, daughter, and mother-in-law having pain pretty often in certain areas of their body that I wanted to help them with more than an occasional back rub. So, I enrolled in massage school. I believe I have some pretty amazing teachers: I felt so connected to them and feel truly blessed that I met each and every one of them in massage school. In my style of massage, I always include a warm and soothing touch with a clinical approach. I believe that massage therapy is the best way to connect with your client and help them ease their daily pain for a more peaceful life.

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